Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye bye baby tooth...

Welp, I didn't wake up this AM thinking I'd go and have a tooth pulled but that's exactly what happened! 

I've had this baby tooth on my upper left side that didn't have a replacement and never fell out on its own.  The doc and I tried long and hard to save it over the years with fillings and what not but it finally gave up this week.  The root was exposed and caused so much pain when I ate or drank (or heck, even inhaled thru my mouth the wrong way) that the only thing to do was take it out.  I just wasn't expecting to walk into the dr's office with it and walk out without it!  This doc does not mess around!

I did have my OB approve everything prior to having this done so no worries!  She and I spoke yesterday and I told her of the problem and she said it was better to have it looked at and taken care of than to take the chance it would abscess and cause an infection of some sort.  She approved local anesthetic and most antibiotics if necessary.  So don't worry, our baby won't have a third eye due to the meds...


  1. I wonder how common that condition is...not the third eye, but having a baby tooth this late in life. Maybe it's just a King thing. Craig and I both have the same molar on the lower left side that had no adult tooth under it. It's so much shorter than our other teeth that it almost looks like we're missing that one. (Actually, Craig's got loose and bothersome over the last year or so, so he did what any rational person would...he yanked it out with his fingers at work. We've all done that, right?!)

  2. haha..nice...a few of my friends suggested tying a string to it and the other end to Macie and tossing a tennis ball:)

    I know the missing tooth is common on my mom's side too...she's missing the same one as is grandpa....maybe it has to do with that Brady's bend area:)



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