Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We've moved!!!...

So I've finally done it - moved the blog over to its own domain and off the blogger platform!  Visit us over at:


You'll need to update your feeds and bookmarks (sorry!).  Google Friends I believe you were able to come along for the ride - I hope!

I hope you enjoy our new home as much as we do!

The time has come...

...for a new layout, new URL, and new blogging platform!  Oh the changes...

I've been wanting to try out Wordpress for some time now (ever since blogger stopped supporting FTP publishing) and just finally got around to setting things up.  I started with my little kloep blog to see how it goes and if all works out, I'll move the photo blog later.  For now though, you all will have to bookmark a new URL - http://www.alittlekloep.com.

I think my googleconnect friends should all just come along for the ride (at least I hope).  Someone please please let me know if it doesn't update you to the new site.

Starting tomorrow I'm dropping a redirect on the domain so that you automatically get pushed to the new site.  For now, consider this your warning:)

Shutter Love Tuesday!

I saw this weekly photo challenge while participating in the Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow and just knew I wanted to enter.

This week's theme is "Stuffed Animals".   Growing up I had tons (tons and tons) of stuffed animals. So many that we put up shelving around the perimeter of my room near the ceiling and even that wasn't enough to contain the tide that was my stuffie collection.   I'd take them all down weekly and rearrange so that no one would feel left out and so the other stuffies could meet each other (I had a vivid imagination??:) ) 

Even before Noah was born we started accumulating a collection of stuffies for him and the little hedgie above is one of his first.  The little guy is about the size of a softball and worked perfectly in his "woodland creatures" nursery.  Here he's using the plastic grass to hide from the stuffed fox!

Head on over to Trendy Treehouse to see other stuffed animals and hear their stories!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Big things coming....

It's been quite around here lately but for good reason. We're all on the mend now from the sickness that took over the house plus I've been working on something new for A Little Kloep! Hopefully I can get things situated, tested and ready for a big debut later this week. Until then things will probably remain quiet because these changes are taking up most of my evenings leaving little time to actually write blog posts.

Anywho...hold your horses, this is gonna be big...haha..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Fun....

Or rather memorial weekend fun!  My parents were in town for the extended weekend to enjoy their little grandson and enjoy they did!  Look at all the fun we had...

We snoozed on grandpa...

We laughed at the baby in the mirror with gramma

We manipulated grandpa with our pouty lip

We kept trying to manipulate grandpa with our lips

We made granpa feel better with a cute laugh

We explored new toys
All in all it was a fantastic weekend even if we (Noah and I) were getting sick (you can see how red his poor eyes were in the pics).

Summer Shape Up and Friday Follow....

Okay, now that did come faster than the others - 4 day work weeks (turned 3 due to a nasty sinus infection) really skew your perception on the week!  Anyways...two orders of business as usual - accountability and making new friends.

I like to be accountable first so here goes:

This week was a total loss.  Noah's been fighting somethign which finally turned into a sinus infection and lucky me caught it so on Saturday evening a little tickle in my throat turned into a full blown upper respiratory infection.  Knocked me on my can (and I'm still recovering).  So, needless to say I didn't work out at all...heck, I barely made it off the couch for the first few days of this thing.  The only bounus is that I wasn't really all that hungry so I was able to control my eating and account for the lack of activity in my caloric intake so all was not lost.

This was a hold steady week - no wins, no losses...

Stats for this week:
Week 1 - 142lbs
Week 2 - 138lbs - woohoo!
Week 4 - 140lbs - ouch...no excuses, I have a new workout regime and a new resolve for eating healthy...we should start seeing that number drop.
Week 6 - 139.5 - okay, .5 lbs!  I attribute that to the fact that i'm putting on muscle and muscle weighs more than fat right??:)
Week 7 - 137.5 - woohooo!  Now, we fluctuated a bit this week but as of this AM this is where I'm at!!
Week 8 - 135 - Hallelujah!  Real progress now! I don't expect it will continue at this rate but we'll see.
Week 9 - 135 - With no exercise all week I'll take a steady number over what it could have been

Okay, on to making new friends!!!

Two Friday Follows....


I'm also participating in the same Follow Me Friday I did last week from from Trendy Tree House.


Hello to all you new folks! I hope you find something here that you'll want to come back over and over again for! This blog was started to keep the fam up to date on my first pregnancy and has continued after my little Noah was born. Topics range from smitten momma ramblings to hard hitting pieces about 529 plans and the like (haha...hard hitting..maybe not but it's fun to dream that I could actually write something that could be considered hard hitting) and has a smattering of photography (of my little man of course) thrown in for fun.

Me? I'm an almost a 30 something (gah!) working mamma who would love to ditch her mortgage in order to stay home with little man but sadly bought when the housing market was at its peak and probably couldn't even break even in the sale. Some day I dream of leaving the corporate world to do something more creative - like photography or crocheting!:) But for now amuse myself with hobby photography and blogging.

Anywho...glad to e-meet you and I hope you leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sick..sick..sick...and some randomness...

So, what started out as a clogged tear duct last week has turned into a full blown sinus infection in poor little Noah.  We were sent home yesterday from the docs with a script for amoxicillin and antibiotic eyedrops.

What's worse is that due to my carelessness in dealing with the gunk in his eyes and when he sneezed and my endless need to snuggle with him close, I've contracted a lovely upper respiratory infection to accompany his sinus infection.  I was sent home today with a z-pack, a stronger cough suppressant, and an inhaler for the wheezing. 

The trifecta will occur when DH comes down with what we both have - which has already started.  I'm pumping him full of vitamin C and Airborne to see if we can fend it off! Crossing my fingers.  At least the antibiotics are free right now at our pharmacies:)

On another random note...I really feel old today.  I'm waiting in the grocery store for my script to be filled and I see these two young gentlemen wandering around the personal care aisles looking lost (or that they were looking for something specific).  I saw them later as I waited in the magazine rack and I asked if I could help them find anything (I know the layout of the store pretty well).  One boy says to the other "haha...you tell her what we're looking for.." to which he responds..."um...no you".  At this point I knew exactly what they were looking for but I wanted to make him say it.  The brave one said - "we're looking for condoms".  Good boy...way to spit it out there...haha.  So I told him that it was three aisles back on the far end - told him to look for the womens sanitary products and left them to their own.  About 10 min later they were back in the magazine aisle just milling around.  I got the sense that they were trying to work up the courage to buy them (or to ask me to buy them for them).  I was getting ready with my speech about how if you're not brave enough to buy or even talk about condoms then you shouldn't be putting yourself in a situation to use them when the pharmacist called my name. They were spared but I can't help but feel old now....


I've been a bit of an absentee blogger the last few days! I have some great updates from the weekend but right now we have a house full of the creeping crud! Noah brought home an infection that we all promptly caught. So the last few days have been full of dr's appts, antibiotics, saline spray, bulb suctioners, Kleenex and bad sleeping patterns! Hopefully we'll be back to normal in a few days and I can resume normal my normal posting habits:)


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