Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still here...:)

I have like 5 blog posts started but between being the milk machine and trying to sleep things are very slow going:) I promise, we'll be back to our normal blogging schedule soon - once I get the hang of this mommy thing!

I can say one thing though....this is amazing:) He's amazing - I can't stop staring at him (which, of course, is really a problem when it comes to sleep or getting things done around here!).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's here!

Noah Andrew K. arrived 2/23 at 6:27pm.  He weighed in at 6lb 12.5 oz and 21 inches long.  The delivery was very challenging and we had a very near miss with a c-section but my doc was fantastic and was willing to work with us to avoid it.  I've never worked so hard in my entire life!  Full story to come later once I have the energy to recount the day:)

For now, here's a pic or two of our little man!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the tears won't stop...

I was browsing another bloggers blog and came across a post with this embedded in it - have your tissues handy! What a great message!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank you's....check...

So I spent the rest of last night finishing up the remaining shower thank yous and popped them in the mail today! Yay!  I'm so glad to got those done before little man arrived otherwise they'd probably not have gotten done!

This batch of thank you's was from the "shower that never was". It was the shower that was canceled due to the snowpocalyse. However, never fear, my mother in law had a majority of the presents at her house or shipped to her house shortly after we canceled things and brought them down with her last weekend.  Since not everyone could be there for the opening, we set up the camera with a remote and just snapped off lots of shots as I opened things.  As promised, I posted them below:)

And in other news, little man's eviction notice has been served.  We're scheduled for induction on March 2 at 8:30am.  The docs have decided to take him on his due date due to my blood pressure so unless he decides to show before hand or my BP decides to take a turn for the worst, we'll have a baby by March 3!!

I've been having a pep talk with little man the last few days encouraging him to make his way out on his own as it would be considerably less stressful to both of us but I have a feeling he's stubborn and rather cozy and will need to be forcefully evicted.  Regardless, I'm holding my own Mythbusters experiment this weekend and disproving all the old wives tales.  I'll let you all know how that goes!:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nursery progress....

Now, I realize little man will live in our bedroom in the pack n play for a while so having his nursery 100% done before he arrives is not a necessity but it's always a nice to have:)  The last few things left to do were to get the mural painted and hang the art.  Well, this past weekend we managed to get one of those at least 75% done - the mural!

My brother is an amazingly talented artist!  He always blows me away with the things he draws (has ever since he was a kid) and I'm envious of his talent (funny, we're twins and polar opposites - i have not a lick of artistic talent, I FAIL at stick figures!).  The way I told him we were expecting was to ask him to draw the mural in the baby's room (well, I had the baby ask him - via text message).

This weekend he started the mural!  He still has to come back and add the detail and what not but he's off to a great start!  He's going to shoot me for posting this but i'm proud of him:)

38 weeks...

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Welp...the water retention is setting in....I'm well over 35lbs total now...but a vast majority is water at least lately.  My hands and feet are almost always swollen:(

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Yes, he never seems to stop moving these days.

Best moment this week? Spending the weekend with our families all down here at our house just hanging out.  We got to have the shower that I missed due to the snow and just all in all had a nice time catching up with everyone.

Labor Progress?  Still 70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said he'd wish my cervix would cooperate - so do I ...I'm not looking forward to what they have to do to make it cooperate!

Food Cravings? None really....not all the hungry these days..

Belly button in or out? Still in....think it may stay that way...should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Induction is scheduled...March 2 and we're now supposed to be on bedrest to keep my rising BP at bay (means I'll likely need to avoid conversations with specific co-workers too)
Weekly Wisdom?  Nothing this week really....everyone has a different reaction to how big you are:) I think it's hilarious!

Dropped yet? I don't think so...

Monday, February 15, 2010


So, the BP has been creeping up slowly over the last month or so. It's always high when I get into the doc office and often times goes down after they have me lay down but even today with laying down it was still a little high so the doc's diagnosed me with pregnancy induced hypertension, put me on bed rest and told me to stop working. However, since I work from home he said I could continue working as long as I promised to do it with my feet up.

I get to go back on Thursday for another check and they're going to schedule my induction for his due date.  So, bonus, our baby has a definite birthday:)  Sucky part is that I'm supposed to be on bedrest and we have so much left to do here!  I'm not good with sitting still and staying in one place just exacerbates the numbness in my hands and arms...yuck!

This is going to put a damper on my 365 photo challenge on my other blog.  I know it's best for the health of me and our baby and it's only for 2 weeks but wow, I can tell I'm going to go stir crazy!

Make-up shower....

So this past weekend was so much fun!  My inlaws and my parents both converged on our little abode and spent the afternoon cooking, opening gifts, and just having a good time!

My parents have been itching to come down for while now and mom needed a baby bump fix so they made the drive from Pgh.  My in-laws on the other hand wanted to drop off the gifts from our missed shower due to the snowpocalypse last weekend and live much closer.  They've not actually seen each other (my parents and DH's parents) in a really long time so having everyone over was an opportunity to have a make up shower!

Since we didn't have time to invite everyone down, we took lots of pics and I'll post them on Picasa for everyone to enjoy:)  We're incredibly lucky to have a great group of family and friends and this little man is going to be so spoiled!

Here are some pics to hold you over until I get the rest up on the web.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Picture Update...

So I've been talking about progress so I thought I'd play show and tell to keep you guys updated!

First pic is of the kitchen as it stands today...sans outlet covers and paint but with pretty much everything else.  I can even claim to have helped with the grouting!!!  Wooohoo...

The some nursery pics...still not done but my bro will be out in the next few weeks to finish the mural - I can't wait!! He's so talented and little man is going to be a lucky boy to have that on his walls!

Notice the awesome glider in the right corner - scored that at BRU today, brought it home and assembled it myself!  Soo proud!  I also started washing little mans clothes in preparation for this arrival!  I can't believe it's getting close.
The last set of pics are of the mobile I made for little man.  Now keep in mind, this is for the corner of his room - not over his crib!  I realize that many of the parts are not child friendly!  As he gets older and grabby we can alter the mobile and leave just the plush owls!!  Anywho, this was a ton of fun to put togeher and I have to get a better pic once the sun comes up!

37 weeks...

So, lots of excitement around here!  Lots of preparation and progress and SNOW!   First the excitement - I don't know if it's the snow or what but my BP was high at my last dr's appt.  Combined with the swelling in my feet the doc wanted to see me again on Thursday for another BP check.  There's not protein yet but because of the other two factors they want to keep an eye on it.  Of course we're expecting another 14 inches of snow thru wed so who knows if I'll be able to get out to the docs.

Preparation related, we made great progress in the kitchen - tile is in and grouted!  Need to switch the outlets, cover them and then paint.  All great progress.

We also had nursery progress - i finished little mans mobile.  I have to find a way to take a pic of it and's too cute!  I also scored a glider today at BRU (details below - great deal!) and bought his mattress, second car seat base, changing pad for the changing table, some covers, more sheets and other various nursery accessories.  Wow - it's getting close:)

And 90% of this progress was thanks to the SNOW!  All 34 freakin inches of it!

How far along are you? 37 weeks....Full term!

Total Weight gain/loss? I actually looked at my chart at the docs yesterday and if I take what they have I'm still under 35 lbs!! 

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Well little man gave us a bit of a scare with a quite day at the height of the snow storm - little monkey!  No movement all day even with poking and prodding...then the snow plows came thru and that's when he decides to start his gymnastics!  He's back in business these days though and literally trying to stretch and kick his way out of the belly!

Best moment this week? Well, lots going on both baby and non baby related!  We managed to get the kitchen "finished" by installing and grouting the backsplash.  Then baby related just getting him to wake up and start kicking me was easily the worst and best moments of the week.  I also scored a glider today at a super discount (was $360 and got it for $236 before my 20% off coupon and $100 worth of gift cards!) plus, Uncle Jordan has a car now and can come do his nursery mural!  Yay!

Labor Progress?  70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said there's little chance I'll dilate on my own since there's some scar tissue from a previous procedure.  I guess it can happen any day now:)

Food Cravings? Broccoli and Cheese soup - finally made some last night!

Belly button in or out? Still in....think it may stay that way...should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Full Terms!
Weekly Wisdom?  Dont leave things to the last min!  This last dr's appt kicked my butt in to gear and made me realize that if they decided to hospitalize me or send me to L&D, I'd be in trouble!

I really need a bag over my head in this one....the head cold I managed to catch somewhere has turned my nose and lip area beet red (and sore to boot!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow day...

Nothing like a snow day (or rather snow weekend) to get things done....

This weekend mother nature decided to dump over 30" of snow on us (up to 40" in some drift spots!).  Being in Northern Va (where this much snow is a 100 year event) that meant that we were pretty much stuck in the house for the duration of the storm (plus 48 hours or so because the roads are still covered).  Fortunately, that forced us to find some long overdue work to do inside the house. Things that we'd been putting off - like the trim tile and the grout in the kitchen!  (I can't wait to take pictures!)

That also left me time to finish the owlies, a few trees, and the mobile for little man and on my list of things to do today are shelves, tiebacks, and hanging the pictures in his nursery.  Plus, I'm going to get working on those Thank Yous from my Pittsburgh shower - albeit typed because I can't hold a pen for more than 5 min before things go numb - but they'll be done by the end of today!

Ah....I feel so accomplished and actually quite relaxed since I've also spent a good percentage of this snow storm sleeping or lounging on the couch thanks to a nice head cold that decided to appear on Thursday.

And never one to be left out, little man create some excitement of his own yesterday.  He decided that it was a fine day to be quiet as a mouse regardless of what momma did to wake him up and forced me into drinking a large glass of OJ followed by a large glass of h20 and a 1 hour kick count session.   It took him the entire hour to give me 10 kicks/movements which is not his norm.  Then, right about the time the plow truck came thru, he woke up and started back into his normal rhythm.  Little monkey had me scared half to death that we'd have to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored with no freakin way to get out! Ah..he's not even here yet and he's stressing me out..haha:)

Once I get the camera back from DH (who's outside taking lots of pics of our beautifully blanketed neighborhood) I'll snap a few of our accomplishments from this weekend!  The kitchen is looking awesome and so is his nursery!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gotta Love State Farm....

I found this on another bloggers blog and had to share....I'm so goign to make DH strap a watermelon to his belly and go about his day....haha... This is awesome!

In other news, we're expecting the snow storm of the year here in NoVA which puts the plans for my eastern PA shower on hold:( I know that it's safter this way but my MIL put in so much effort I feel may end up being a sip'n'see after little man arrives if this keeps up!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

36 weeks...

So my appt yesterday was a wee bit eventful for two reasons but not really:)  First, the last few days I'd been leaking a bit and couldn't decide if it was little mans strategic spot right on top of my bladder of if it was amniotic fluid. Thankfully I'm just peeing myself (hehe...sorry, TMI) and not actually going into labor (he still has a week before he's full term!)

Second, when I see them I normally have a few min in the waiting room to relax before they take me back for my BP and weight check. This time round I walked in, used the restroom and walked back for my BP.  No real rest after I climbed the 2 flights of stairs it was to their office.  This caused my BP to be much higher than it normally is and of course set off all kinds of alarms.  When i told the nurse that I just climbed the stairs she calmed down and said that we'd try again after my exam.  Thankfully everything went back to normal (120/80 which is well in range for me) and they let me go home:)

How far along are you? 36 weeks...just a month or so to go.  Doc said that if he's not here by 41 weeks (March 9) they'll talk induction.

Total Weight gain/loss? By the docs scale I'm up 35 lbs - eeek!  Although, no one at the office seems concerned anymore.

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Party time goes in spurts now.  He's rocking around 8am for 30 min and then takes an hour break and then starts rocking again.  This happens pretty frequently and he definitely has a pattern now.  I can almost guarantee that I'll have a party in my belly at 10, 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 generally (then i go to sleep so I don't feel him much).

Best moment this week?  Okay, not best moment but moment none the less - getting my tooth pulled! Ack!

Labor Progress?  None - locked up like Fort Knox!  Doc said I'm softening a bit but no real progress yet.  Which is okay according to her since I'm not even term yet.

Food Cravings? Strawberries!

Belly button in or out? Still in....think it may stay that way...should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  1 week to full term! We had our birthing class and DH actually watched a birth video without vomiting or passing out.  I'm sooo proud of him (we did have one gal rush out of the room looking a little green..)
Weekly Wisdom?  A watched pot never boils...right?  Now the countdown begins and of course these will be the longest few weeks of my life I'm sure (aside from the many many 2ww's while we were TTC).  I'm trying to not think too much about it and focus on 1. getting the rest of the baby's stuff together  2. Getting things rounded out at work so I can leave without worry  3.  Enjoying the last few weeks with him in my belly  4.  Enjoying the last few weeks as a couple and preparing to be a family.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cool baby toy...

So, I'm a frequenter of mommy blogs:)  Even though I'm not a mommy to an outside baby yet, I love to read the tips and tricks that they have to offer from having paved the road before me.  Nothing like a little humor and experience to make something like parenthood a little less frightening:)

A lot of these blogs host give aways as part of their posting and today I came across a mommy blog that is giving away this great toy!  I've heard of Sophie before (it's even on my Amazon wishlist)  but it's not until now that I truely understand how precious this toy is - not only for mommy's sanity during a baby's teething period but just how darn cute it is!

Check out more about Sophie and the give away on this mommy blog:

How cute is that thing?!


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