Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still here...:)

I have like 5 blog posts started but between being the milk machine and trying to sleep things are very slow going:) I promise, we'll be back to our normal blogging schedule soon - once I get the hang of this mommy thing!

I can say one thing though....this is amazing:) He's amazing - I can't stop staring at him (which, of course, is really a problem when it comes to sleep or getting things done around here!).


  1. As excited I am to hear about your delivery and I can't wait to hear the story and to see more pictures... I totally understand and want you to enjoy every second you have with your baby!!! They grow so very fast, live in the moment and just savor everything that is going on! I think we can all wait to read the story and see more pics!!! Enjoy!

  2. So, so excited for you!!! He's bound to marry an ADPi :) Can't wait for pics and stories!



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