Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nursery progress....

Now, I realize little man will live in our bedroom in the pack n play for a while so having his nursery 100% done before he arrives is not a necessity but it's always a nice to have:)  The last few things left to do were to get the mural painted and hang the art.  Well, this past weekend we managed to get one of those at least 75% done - the mural!

My brother is an amazingly talented artist!  He always blows me away with the things he draws (has ever since he was a kid) and I'm envious of his talent (funny, we're twins and polar opposites - i have not a lick of artistic talent, I FAIL at stick figures!).  The way I told him we were expecting was to ask him to draw the mural in the baby's room (well, I had the baby ask him - via text message).

This weekend he started the mural!  He still has to come back and add the detail and what not but he's off to a great start!  He's going to shoot me for posting this but i'm proud of him:)


  1. The mural is AMAZING...and not just because the artist is my son!!!

  2. Amazing indeed! What a fun place for a baby/little person!!

  3. Jordan. HOLY GOD! I had no idea you could do that! And, we're not twisting this talent into a career...why?

    You know how many people would pay HUGE bucks to have an original mural in their baby's/kid's room to avoid the soul scorching "Lil' Sports Bear" crap that's out there? I'll totally be your pimp. Manager!! I meant manager!

  4. Also!

    Possible business names. "Off the Wall" or "The Big Picture." C'mon man! My forte is starting things...not finishing them. Let's move, man!



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