Monday, February 15, 2010


So, the BP has been creeping up slowly over the last month or so. It's always high when I get into the doc office and often times goes down after they have me lay down but even today with laying down it was still a little high so the doc's diagnosed me with pregnancy induced hypertension, put me on bed rest and told me to stop working. However, since I work from home he said I could continue working as long as I promised to do it with my feet up.

I get to go back on Thursday for another check and they're going to schedule my induction for his due date.  So, bonus, our baby has a definite birthday:)  Sucky part is that I'm supposed to be on bedrest and we have so much left to do here!  I'm not good with sitting still and staying in one place just exacerbates the numbness in my hands and arms...yuck!

This is going to put a damper on my 365 photo challenge on my other blog.  I know it's best for the health of me and our baby and it's only for 2 weeks but wow, I can tell I'm going to go stir crazy!


  1. I went through the same thing towards the end with Icie. It drove me crazy. I watched so many episodes of Boston Legal that to this day Icie stops and is mesmerized by the theme song. She has her own little dance to it now. Hang in there, and as hard as it is try to enjoy your rest while you can!

  2. 10 seasons of Friends is an excellent way to occupy your time! =)



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