Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's here!

Noah Andrew K. arrived 2/23 at 6:27pm.  He weighed in at 6lb 12.5 oz and 21 inches long.  The delivery was very challenging and we had a very near miss with a c-section but my doc was fantastic and was willing to work with us to avoid it.  I've never worked so hard in my entire life!  Full story to come later once I have the energy to recount the day:)

For now, here's a pic or two of our little man!



  1. He is gorgeous!!! He is just the sweetest baby!!! How are you feeling? Thank God you didn't have to have the c-section but still child birth is NOT easy is any sense of the word, though the outcome is amazing and a miracle! You're just glowing as you look at him in the pictures! Also I love the name! I hope you're recovering fast and I'm sure enjoying every second you have with him and DH! Thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy story and hopefully the beginning of parenthood... I'm gonna go now because I'm starting to cry, birth is such a beautiful thing! My prayers are with you and though late presents will be on the way!

  2. Oh my! He is so lovely! Linny, I think he looks like you...especially around the chin and mouth. I want so badly to smell his head. :o)

    I love how their arms and legs stay all curled in for a while. Bill called that the 'baby ball' and said that diapering and changing their clothes was like trying to change a clenched fist. lol!

    Excellent work, Mama! (But, OH MY GOODNESS, the work is just beginning.) Get lots and lots of rest when you can and take good care of yourself as well as that beautiful little boy.

    Also, love the name! We had Noah and 'Drew' on our short list when we were choosing names for Nate and Sam.

  3. Dear Mark and Lindsay,
    Congratulation! He IS a beautiful boy! So happy for you all. Can't wait to meet him in person. Get rest whenever you can, the fun has just begun!
    Lots of love,
    Laura, Peter, Jessica and Liz

  4. Congrats! He is gorgeous and I love the name. =) Can't wait to hear all about it!



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