Monday, July 27, 2009

out! damn spot! out...

The spotting has returned along with the lower back pain. Gah! It's brown spotting and it's very slight but it's there. I must just have a sensitive cervix or something. Maybe the dildo cam stirred something up on Thursday. How knows! I'm just going to take it easy again in hopes of it going away. If it gets worse then I'll all the doc and see what he has to say. My next appt isnt until Aug 20!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

8w ?d...

There's a bean in there and it has a heart beat! Well, we already knew that by wow, it's grown by leaps and bounds!

For your comparison here's 6 weeks:

and here's 8 weeks:

Woot! We went from diamond ring to gummy bear! I didn't get a count on the heart rate this time but the doc was happy with everything and put me on coast until our 12 week appt where we'll get to at least hear the bean again!

According to the U/S I'm 8w 0d, by my LMP and their charts I'm 8w 2d, and by my count I'm 8w 1d....i'm going to go with their charts since, well, they're the pros right?? Plus that puts me the furthest along:)

The hubster was able to tag along this time as well and was excited to have a picture to take home with him of the little bean. I still can't believe there's something in there! Aside from the constant mild nausea and the exhaustion you'd never know something was growing inside me!

Anyways, that's the news for now. We're going to the beach this weekend and will see my parents on Monday. We plan to tell them when we pick them up from the airport after their trip. I'll be 9w 6d at that point.

Monday, July 20, 2009

7w 5d...

Almost to 8 weeks! The spotting has stopped finally! Yay! I feel so much better about this whole pregnancy now.

Symptoms come and go and today we're experiencing sore BB's (burny/pinchy type), general moodiness (a stressful work situation is not helping), exhaustion, and evening nausea. All in all though I'm doing pretty well most of the time.

I think my biggest problem right now is just handling work stress with the raging hormones. I'm on the verge of tears most times and most conversations and that's not professional nor is it healthy. I'm overworked for sure and have alot of responsibility resting on my shoulders which makes them more hard on me than anyone. It's a lose lose situation at the moment. If i shed responsibility and delegate, any decision made by my delegate is automatically my fault but if I keep the responsibility, i tend to drop the ball so I get yelled at again for that.

Trying to remember to just breath....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

7w 1d...

Well, we made it 7 weeks! Holy cow. The baby is the size of a blueberry now according to I actually had blueberries in the fridge so I grabbed one and gave it to DH and told him (as he ate it..haha) that that's how big our bean is now. After getting over "eating our baby" he was amazed. It was the size of a sesame seed just two weeks ago! My how time flys and things grow!

Symptom wise i'm doing better i think - well, they're shifting. The boobs are not as sore but the bloat is back in full force (thank goodness for summer dresses!) and I'm starting to get some nausea towards the evening. The spotting has slowed down to almost nothing now - yippe!!! That makes me feel so much better:) And I'm still exhausted.

Our next u/s is a week from today. Praying that everything goes well there and that we can tell our parents when we see them next. It's their anniversary on the 28th and they're taking a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. They're flying out from the airport next to us and we're puppy sitting so we'd planned on telling them when they got back. We'd be almost 10 weeks at that point!

I can't wait to see my mom's face when I tell her - she's been waiting for a long time for this and knows about our IF issues. She actually asked the other day and I had to lie to her (I hate that). I told her our insurance was still pending and that we had to wait for it to be approved before we could move on with our next IUI. We just weren't ready to tell (she's goign to want to shout it from the mountain tops and I'd like to wait until at least 13 weeks to do that!)

Here's to praying that this baby sticks and that my momma finally gets to be a g'ma:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6w 6d...

So, the spotting has eased up. It's still there but barely. I've been downing h2o like it's going out of style - 24 oz at a time! Which means I'm also up to the bathroom about every 30 min - good thing I work at home and am only 10 steps from it:) I don't loose much time that way.

Not much else to report other than complete and total exhaustion today. I felt okay yesterday but today it's different. I'm bone tired again - kinda shaky and stuff. Just walking to the bathroom is an effort - forget steps! I have to stop half way to catch my breath. And oh boy, the bloat picked up something fierce this morning. Hello gummy pants and sweat shirts! It feels so much better just to let it hang out than to have to hold it in. Again, thank goodness i work from home. Having to dress to go into an office setting feeling like this would be torture!

Our 7 week mark is tomorrow which puts me into my 8th week of pregnancy. 2 months PG, how exciting! Still counting down to our dr's appt - a week from Thursday so that we can see the little bean again. This time he should be much larger after having gone thru a growth spurt this past week. Cross your fingers and pray that he/she's still in there hanging tight and growing like they should. This spotting always puts you on edge.

Thats it for now. I need to get back to work - focus has been something I've been lacking recently.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

6w 4d...

So the spotting continues - it gets worse when I'm up and walking around all day (like yesterday when I went to target, vaccumed the car, and bought groceries) so I'm going to try to take it easy for a few days and just lounge around. I want to do everything I can to keep this little one sticking! Otherwise there's not much else to report so I figured I'd fill everyone in on how we got here.

DH and I decided in January of last year (08) that it was finally a good time to have a baby. We'd bought our house, the dog was settled and we were doing well in our own jobs so why not! (DH is a huge planner see and had his 5 year plan set when we got married and yes, we did follow it!) Well we threw BCP away and just had at it. The first few months were normal, I'd cycle every 28 - 30 days - woohoo...we'd always been concerned that my body wouldnt cooperate since 10 years prior the reason for going on BCP was irregular cycles. Well, our excitement was short lived. Third cycle off BCP my body was back to it's old ways - 30,60, 90 days pass with no AF (and no BFP). Off to the doc for testing. The next 8 months or so were filled with doc appts, a PCOS Dgs, clomid, provera and lots of BFN's. We were trying to be relaxed about it but really? can you be?

In Feb of 09 we finally saw an RE who ordered more tests (which were all fine and dandy) and suggested an IUI cycle with gonal-f to help me produce a good follicle. Well, that cycle was a bust and the next was on hold because we were going on Vacation and would be out of the country at the time our IUI would be. I opted not to start BCP (which they use to help predict your cycle) and figured that if my cycle did what i expected, we'd just use provera when we got back to start things back up again.

Well...low and behold, my body decided to cooperate and based on my temps I think I O'd just before we left. Being away for 2 weeks is the best way to spend the 2WW!! I didn't think once about it (okay, maybe once when my AF didnt' show when i thought it should have - although I thought I was jsut wrong in my charting). Anyways, we got back into the states and were just lounging around the house and I looked at my chart. I was 17dpo which was not odd if I'd not O'd but I thought I did so , what the heck, let's see what happens when I test.

I really wasn't expecting to see that second line but there it was , staring me in the face. I wasnt quite sure that I wasnt seeing things so I ran downstairs, test in hand, to DH who was mowing the lawn and started yelling for him. He musta thought I was dying. I shoved the pee stick in his face and didn't really say anything. He took the hint and asked, "does this mean??". I said, "I think so but i could be dreaming". Then he swooped me up in a big hug and made me go take another test:) 6 tests over 3 days later we finally believe we were pg and called the doc for our first appt.

Fun story huh?:) I'm just so happy this happened on a non medicated cycle - like we'd always wanted it. I would have been happy getting pg any way but to know we didn't have to involve the doc was a nice bonus for us.

And for those of you that made it this far - you deserve an award:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

6 weeks 2 days...

Today was our first U/S. I've had some spotting the last few days and the doc thought it a good idea just to see what was going on in there. So that landed DH and I at the docs office nervously waiting for the tech to call us back.

The U/S tech started with an abdominal U/S and could see the gestational sac but not much else so she switched to a transvag U/S (aka. dildo cam!). Took her a second but soon we could see our little bean! Right now it's just a yolk sac and the fetal pole but it had a heart beat! Beating strong at 119 bpm!!!

I feel sooo much better having seen that. There's actually something going on in there!!!! Holy Cow! DH was really cute - he kept telling me he had a good feeling about this going into it. He's my rock! Although, he did express his relief once we saw the heartbeat.

Once I figure out how to scan things in, I'll post a pic of our little blob.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

a beginning...

We're pregnant! There, I said it! There's no one to hear me (at least not yet) but I said it. I was going to hold of on starting this blog until a wee bit later in the process but I've got so many thoughts and feelings already that I need to get them out on e-paper so here we are...with a new blog that no body knows about yet...hehe.

Today marks 6w and 1d of our pregnancy and it's a little scary. I started to spot yesterday with some back pain so I called the doc this am. Since we're new to him and this was a natural BFP, he thought it wise to have a little look-see via ultra sound just to make sure everything's okay. Our first U/S wasn't supposed to be until 8w 1d so i'm happy we get one early- just not so happy about the circumstances. We see them tomorrow. Pray for a healthy baby that measuring on track and growing away!

In other news, I'm exhausted! I had this jittery icky feeling this am - kind of sore all over, felt like a did a huge ab workout, hiked 30 miles up hill with a pack on type of feeling. I attributed it to nerves because of the spotting but then suddenly I knew where to place was the same feeling I get after a long run, hike, or bike - utter and total exhaustion! Like bone deep exhaustion to the point where it's seriously a chore to lift my arm to scratch my head exhaustion. Wow! Hit me like a ton of bricks. I'd been tired the last few days that for sure (asleep on the couch by 9:00pm) but this is a whole new level of tired. Let's hope this is a sign that that little peanut is snuggling in tight and not going anywhere!


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