Tuesday, August 4, 2009

telling people...

This is fun! We told my parents today and then my brother this evening. Seeing their (or hearing in my brothers case) reactions is priceless! My mom of course was in tears which then set me off:) My dad was all smiles and proceeded to take copious amts of pics of me and my non-belly:) My brother was in shock I think. I told him over the phone so it's hard to gauge:) If I counted correctly, he said wow like 20 times!

Here's how we told them:

Mom and Dad
I've always known how I wanted to tell them. I bought two photo albums - a small one for my mom that would fit in her purse and a larger one that my dad could have on his desk. I used scrapbooking letters to spell out "Grandma K's Brag Book" and "Grandpa's Book" on the front of each. In both of their albums I had a copy of our last ultrasound. My dad got it right away and his face broke out into a huge grin. My mom took a second to process and then started crying:) They were both pretty cute and floored by the news.

My Brother:

My brother is a huge cell phone text message user. If you need him, that's how you get him. So, I wrote him a text that said: "Uncle J, I wanted to know if you'd paint the mural in my new room. I need it done by March:) Love, baby k". It took him 2.5 seconds to call me back saying "what? ummm.... what? does that mean I'm going to be an uncle?". It was really cute! He too was floored:) I think he's probably still soaking it in!
We have yet to tell DH's parents and sister - that's a task for this weekend. Then I think I'll wait to tell my grandparents until we have our 12 week ultrasound - i'd hate to let them down if something were to happen because they're going to be so excited!

Anyways, I'll update the other stories once we get thru them. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to tell them. We're thinking about roping my little nephews in to tell my SIL. This should be fun!

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