Monday, January 11, 2010

365 Days of Photos...

I have a second blog that I run that has to do with all of our photography exploits:)  We've spent alot of time behind the camera as amateurs and have learned a lot on our own.  As part of this new year I've decided to start a 365 blog which means I'll take a picture a day every day of the year and post it to the blog (generally every few days).  The point of the project is to become more familiar with your camera and improve your photography skills.  I thought it was good preparation for our baby to be so that he'll be the most fantastically documented little man on the planet:)

Currently the pics are a bit mundane because it's been super cold here, there's no baby yet, and work has been a beast so I dont get out much to find interesting subjects. But, so far I've kept up!  I have a picture for every day of this year.

Check it out!  My Photography Blog

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