Saturday, December 12, 2009

Riding in style...

This past week has been like Christmas early in the Kloep house!  All the presents I ordered on Amazon arrived as did our little man's new ride - well, not ride but what will allow him to ride with us for all those visits to the grandparents that we forsee in his future:)

I found out a few weeks ago that BRU stopped carrying the car seat that I wanted and was really bummed because I LOVED the color (I tend to like obnoxious colors for some reason). I figured it would be perfect for our little man as well as our next child if she ended up being a girl. Anyways, you could no longer get it off our registry and the in-store quantities were very limited so of course I started to panic! I just had to have this seat and just knew they were sold out everywhere and I'd have to go find another seat that I loved just as much and know that would never happen and so on and so on... (okay, tad irrational because who in their right mind would want a lime green car seat other than me but hey, that's how my brain works these days). 

So, because I couldn't wait and I couldn't take the chance of losing this lovely seat, I scoured the internet and found one that actually saved me $50 from what I would have spent at BRU!:)  Introducing the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Car Seat in Cedro!

And of course I had to strap the teddy bear in to give it a whirl!

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