Saturday, December 19, 2009

Homemade maternity shots...

So, our friend Kim at Good Things to Come Photography is going to do a full set of maternity shots with us this coming week but DH has the photo bug too and wanted to try his hand at a few shots.  I'd just gotten back from a meeting and as such had done my hair and make-up so I obliged!

He took about 100 shots and I picked the few that I liked the most and played with them in Lightroom.  They're heavily processed but I like them that way:)

Beware - these are bare belly shots and I'm just now realizing how big that bare belly is getting! Yikes!:)


Now I can't wait to see what Kim will do (and to be able to include DH in a few of the shots!).

Shot at 29 weeks even...

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