Friday, April 9, 2010

Operation Summer Shape Up

I've always been a pretty fit person.  DH and I spent most of our free time while we were in California out hiking and/or biking.  Even here in Va we managed to get out and do some biking or hiking on a regular basis.  I loved it - feeling fit and trim.  Then pregnancy hit.  I vowed to continue to exercise in moderation and try to keep the weight monster at bay however between stresses at work, morning/all day sickness, ice storms making walking dangerous and the general aches and pains of pregnancy, I fell of that wagon pretty quickly.

I went from walking the dog twice a day to only managing the stairs on most days.  My weight ballooned to a number I've never seen before and hope never to see again.  Now, at least half that weight was necessary for the pregnancy, the other half - well, let's just say I had a raging Panera Broccoli and Cheese soup habit.  The final total on my pregnancy weigh gain was 42 lbs - the morning I was induced I weighed in at a cool 162lbs at the dr's office.  Oh how I hated that scale!

After Noah arrived I quickly dropped 20 odd lbs in the first three weeks.  However, now things have plateaued and I've been stuck at 142lbs for the last 3 weeks.  Now, 10lb of that is probably the extra heft of my milk laden boobies (okay, maybe 5lbs...anyways, I digress) but that still leave at least 10 more that have settled on my belly, arms, thighs, and butt (OMG - i tried on a number of my pre-pregnancy work out shorts and none of them would fit around my arse - I didn't think it expanded that much! I had to buy a new work out wardrobe!). 

Cue Jillian Michales!  I've heard great things about her 30 day shred and since it was on sale on Amazon ($8 anyone??!) I decided to give it a try - today is day 1 and I almost died!!  I knew I was outta shape but oh wow - she's a hard arse and I'm all squishy marshmallow! 

So, I'll try to keep up a weekly check in on here to keep me accountable.  DH has lots of plans this summer for beach volleyball tournaments which means bathing suits and I don't want to have to buy a new suit - I LOVE the ones I have now.   I'm not brave enough to post before and after pics here - sorry.  Maybe if the results are spectacular then I'll post a beach shot later this summer (haha..yea, right!).  I end to fall off the wagon pretty quickly so I'll need all the help I can get to stay on track with this.

My motivation - Jenny McCarthy!  If she can look that amazing after a baby - then I certainly can (even if I dont have a personal trainer, chef, and nanny to watch the baby so I can work out 10 hours a day:) ).

Day 1 - 142lbs

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  1. Hi Lindsay..This is posts will come up as Haley Elizabeth...

    anyway, I wanted to tell you that everyone struggles with the post baby weight. I know how it's so depressing!! Especially when you have never had to lose weight before. Don't worry, it's so do able though. It took me a little over a year with Haley to loose the weight and a little bit longer now with Leah. I'm not quite back to where I was but I hope to be soon. Don't try to stress over it and don't try to over do it. You will lose the weight!



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