Friday, April 23, 2010

2 months old...Middle of the way Joe

I'm sure I'll say this every month but holy cow, I have a 2 month old!!  Some things about Noah now that he's 2 months old:

-  we're done with boobies...he's an all formula fed baby now
-  that said, we're on our second type of formula to see if it helps with the gas
-  he's taking anywhere from 2 - 5 oz a feeding depending on how long it's been since his last meal.  Generally he's eating every 3 - 4 hours now.  Now that we're all formula I can tell he's taking between 24 and 30 oz a day.
-  just last night he went for 5 hours between feedings!
-  he's starting to put weight on his legs if you hold him up and his head control is fantastic! Such a strong little boy.
- he's going to have daddy's super long eye lashes I can just tell.  Plus he's sprouting eyebrows!

Today was our 2 month appt and shots...he did okay - 2 min of wailing and then he was out like a light for the next hour (now he's up and screaming:) )

He's our middle of the way Joe - 50% for everything.  He's now 11lb 12 oz and 24 inches long  (as opposed to 6lb 12oz and 21 inches at birth).  He's growing sooo fast!!!

And to sate the grammas - pictures:)  His two month shot and one telling us how much he liked his shots this morning!!

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