Friday, November 6, 2009

Reason # 212 of why i love my dog...

It's not that she uses pillows like a human or insists on laying on a blanket or a pillow even when she's on a comfy soft futon mattress or the fact that she's a complete goof and totally gaga for tennis balls, it's that she knows when something's wrong with one of us!

Today was a challenging day at work for me. Being away for a few days at a trade show left me very very behind in my work (even though I worked overtime prior to leaving to try to make up for it...). Lots of decisions were made and things were changed and I had to catch up and adjust to all of it (nothing bad, just different). Combine that with non stop meetings, exhaustion, hormones, and a barking dog - well, suffice to say, I totally lost it - utter melt down in the middle of the work day (thank goodness I work from home!).  

Part of it was the four legged furry ones fault and I yelled at her for that (out of frustration and having nowhere else to displace my feelings - which I feel totally bad for) but after the tears started, she hopped down from her perch and crawled into my lap to love me as if to say, "It's okay mom - I'm sorry, don't cry".  A few wet Willys later she had me cracking up and the tears had vanished!

Having her here during those stressful times has really helped!  Things start to get crazy and I simply walk over to her for a quick cuddle.  She never turns me away and is always happy to oblige with a sniff or a kiss and it makes the world feel right again. 

If I have this much love for a non-biological critter I can only imagine what I'm going to feel when this little man shows up!

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