Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pregnancy Brain...

Call it stress, call it hormones, whatever it is - pregnancy brain is finally setting in!

Case in point, I always forget to put the top down on the washer so the clothes never actually get washed.  I'll come down to check on it and find that things are still sitting there soaking. Oh well, that's been happening for a while now.  Well today it went to a whole new level - not only did I forget to put the top down but i forgot to put in detergent and turn the stinkin thing on!  I'm sitting here happily typing away thinking my clothes are getting washed when in fact they are sitting in a dry wash tub with no soap....oh boy.  Time to start leaving post it's around to remind myself (a habit that I've always had).

Stock tip to anyone that reads this - buy stock in 3M because I'm about to go buy out all the stores in the area of their post-its.

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