Saturday, May 1, 2010

My little model...

Next week is Noah's baptism and since I know we're going to be crazed running around trying to get everything ready and what not I know that we'll likely slip on some of the pics I thought I'd do a quick photo session today with him to get a few shots of the beautiful gown he's wearing.  He was even hanging with me long enough to get a few without the gown on:)

The gown has been used in his family for a very long time.  His daddy wore it when he was baptized as did his gramma before him.  In fact, all of his gramma's siblings, most of their children, and their children's children were baptized in this gown.  The gown has been refurbished a few times and now bears the names of all those that have worn it for their baptism. 


  1. How precious that the gown has been worn for so many other baptisms. Noah is so beautiful!

  2. That is so lovely! What an amazing family heirloom. I love how all the names and batism dates are all stitched on. Just beautiful! Noah wears it well!

    - Melissa

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