Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The time has come...

...for a new layout, new URL, and new blogging platform!  Oh the changes...

I've been wanting to try out Wordpress for some time now (ever since blogger stopped supporting FTP publishing) and just finally got around to setting things up.  I started with my little kloep blog to see how it goes and if all works out, I'll move the photo blog later.  For now though, you all will have to bookmark a new URL - http://www.alittlekloep.com.

I think my googleconnect friends should all just come along for the ride (at least I hope).  Someone please please let me know if it doesn't update you to the new site.

Starting tomorrow I'm dropping a redirect on the domain so that you automatically get pushed to the new site.  For now, consider this your warning:)

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