Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday!

I saw this weekly photo challenge while participating in the Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow and just knew I wanted to enter.

This week's theme is "Stuffed Animals".   Growing up I had tons (tons and tons) of stuffed animals. So many that we put up shelving around the perimeter of my room near the ceiling and even that wasn't enough to contain the tide that was my stuffie collection.   I'd take them all down weekly and rearrange so that no one would feel left out and so the other stuffies could meet each other (I had a vivid imagination??:) ) 

Even before Noah was born we started accumulating a collection of stuffies for him and the little hedgie above is one of his first.  The little guy is about the size of a softball and worked perfectly in his "woodland creatures" nursery.  Here he's using the plastic grass to hide from the stuffed fox!

Head on over to Trendy Treehouse to see other stuffed animals and hear their stories!!



  1. OMG. I might die of cuteness. That is just about the cutest hedgehog stuffed animal ever...I too have a soft spot for stuffed animals...

  2. Very cute and the grass background so suitable for him! :)

  3. love the setup and love the shot :)

  4. I was the same as a kid, I had so many stuffed animals they were falling off shelves and most had to be boxed up but I still have all of them in storage! I love the hedgehog, sooo cute!

  5. oo thats a cute shot. Love ur style
    I have joined in too
    plz do visit

  6. Cute! I linked up too! Come see mine.



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